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The Rapture Is A Blessing To The Mint

With the Rapture fast approaching The Mint has seen a rise in demand as some assume that the end is near. The executives at The Mint want to be the first to tell you that whether this is the beginning of the end or not they are going to remain in business as it would truly be the end if there was nothing to supply the ladies to all of those interested. So rest assured fellow Minters as The Mint will be open until the end and probably after the fact seeing as most Mint executives also see this rapture as another chance to bolster the numbers.


About Beaker

My name is Dan and I made The Mint Quarterly for my friends because they seem to find the things I type to be moderately funny. I have an A.S. in Chemistry and an A.S. in Biology. I hope you all enjoy The Mint Quarterly.


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