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The Mint Has Blinded Me With Science

As some Mint readers may have noticed another writer contributed to this blog about four weeks previous. That writer has since been on a minor sabbatical due to ill health. The Mint doctors decided to run him through a battery of tests in hopes of determining what the issues were and after exhaustive study the results of the examinations are in. He is apparently suffering from a severe case of penis infarction, which as some may know if this occurred in the heart instead of the penis could lead to a heart attack. In the case of this Mint writer there is a cure and that cure is to have the blockage extracted from his pelvic region. All of us here at The Mint are hoping that all went well and that he makes a speedy recovery.


About Beaker

My name is Dan and I made The Mint Quarterly for my friends because they seem to find the things I type to be moderately funny. I have an A.S. in Chemistry and an A.S. in Biology. I hope you all enjoy The Mint Quarterly.


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